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If the referendum result has shown us one thing, it is that our nation is divided. There is no doubt


50.84% of Nottingham residents voted to leave the European Union yesterday in the EU referendum, in line with a 51.9%

Labour In

A year and a half ago, Ed Miliband was a household name, and the ‘Milibabes’ were in full swing; sharing



A male alumnus of the University of Nottingham and another male have appeared in court, following allegations that they raped a


Hundreds of Nottingham citizens gathered at the Brian Clough statue in the city centre on June 18th to hold a


The University of Nottingham Students’ Union have announced that they will remain in the National Union of Students (NUS).  Below are



The country is descending into chaos. Newspapers are crammed full of catastrophic predictions for the disintegration of our economy. JK


As a nation, Britain is in turmoil. A month of increasingly ugly campaigning in the lead up to the EU


With the legalisation of same sex marriage in the US in 2015, and in the UK the previous year, it’s



Now that lectures are over, a lot of students are asking themselves: what will I do over summer? But there’s


Impact Features writer Lucy questions whether the government’s equality strategy is having any real effect… Widening participation is an initiative

App5c Zoran

We live in a world not only controlled, but also constructed, by the media. Our realities are fundamentally based on


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Lin-Manuel Miranda (actor, composer and writer, amongst other things) is no stranger to success. His previous musical, In the Heights,


Advice from the best people I know. Is it passion or is it words That make you sound as free


To celebrate Midsummer and the RSC’s inventive way of celebrating this, in the form of The Fairy Portal Camp, Impact Arts spoke

Film & Television

tale of tales 3

Matteo Garrone’s Tale of Tales is unlike any fairytale movie you’d have ever seen. A mishmash of the fantasy, horror

the secret life of pets feature

From Illumination Entertainment (or eeyluminayshuunn as the Minions call it) comes The Secret Life of Pets. Starring Louis C.K. as

bo burnham feature image

When Bo Burnham’s hour-long standup special dropped as a Netflix exclusive last week, I was unsure whether it was fit


After a weekend of being beaten down by the weather, Monster Truck were tasked with reinvigorating Download Festival 2016, opening

jake bugg on my one

Nottingham’s own musical prodigy, Jake Bugg, has released his third studio album, On My One, at the tender age of

If you haven’t sorted yourself for a festival already, you should have. What are playing at? You’ve had ages to



Ah, E3. The time of year where all the big gaming companies and publishers gather in Los Angeles and flex their


I have never been happier to be wrong about a video game in my entire life. DOOM, the fourth entry

SUPERHOT, Developed by SUPERHOT Team.

Superhot is an independently-made first-person shooter, first released in February 2016, which has been developed and published by Superhot Team.



As the school year draws to a close once again, your excitement for upcoming festivals, holidays, parties etc, is most

Ursa Minor Apparel is an independent clothes shop found in Cobden Chambers (next to Bodega) in the Hockley area of


Anybody who has not heard of Kayne’s Yeezy Boost sneakers, must be living, horror of horrors, without an internet connection.



In 1669, phosphorus was discovered by a German alchemist called Henning Brand; almost 350 years later, the periodic table is


The disconnect between the general public and the scientists whose research they fund is a constant source of frustration on

The continent of Europe is at crisis point. Since April 2015 it has faced the largest refugee influx since the


Verstappen 15 5

Since his arrival into Formula 1 in 2015, Max Verstappen has certainly not been shy. In his first season with


Every two years, England fans like myself, who have spent 18 months complaining about how terrible the team is, somehow

Kieran Slater, Patrick Huston and Larry Godrey celebrate during the European Archery Championship

It was a weekend of success for the Archery GB team as the British men claimed the silver medal in



A city of conflicting identities, Warsaw is rather mysterious. Romanticism and communism are still very much evident in this proudly


Like many other students, a trip to London, while it may be an appealing one, might seem impossible to do


Ellie O’Donnell will be keeping us updated with her study abroad adventures from North America. Keep a look out for



I recently had the pleasure of meeting Christian and Emma, who have just opened Last Chance Saloon. Both have a


How much would you pay for the best pizza of your life? At Inferno, you only pay £7.95. Since opening


Preceding April all 5 UK Belgo restaurants used to be selfishly hogged by London, but now? The Belgian gem has opened