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Whether you’re a fresher starting University for the first time or a postgrad settling into your PhD, nothing is quite

As university creeps around the corner, September can be a mixed bag of emotions. So how appropriate that, in terms

Brighton is, hands-down, one of my favourite places in the world. Having lived a 10-minute train journey away from the


According to a new report from UniHealth, 1 in 5 (19%) students have suicidal thoughts. The report goes on to

In a recent survey conducted by Nationwide, it concluded that our generation of students go out less than our parents

According to the Times Higher Education, the University of Nottingham remains in the top 150 of the 2018 World University Rankings.

Grace Woolford, a third-year English with Creative Writing student, has expressed frustration with the estate agency Martin & Co Nottingham

According to the National Student Survey (NSS), the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science is out-performing other

NCT, Nottingham City Transport, have increased their student cash fare price from £1 to £1.50. One of the bus line


If you’re coming to The University of Nottingham, or any university, the chances are you’re either dreading or really looking

One of the biggest causes of anxiety for students is financial instability. In such cases, finding a part-time job can

At the beginning of August, a small animation published by the BBC in 2014 caught the attention of an Infowars

This is a story of two festivals, two cultures, music, mountains, new friends, rain storms and secret back stage sessions.

The story of James Damore, a Google technician who sent a memo to 40,000 of his colleagues detailing women’s supposed

It can be hard to believe that it was only 50 years ago that homosexual acts were decriminalised in England


Due to its very rural nature and reputation for being a bit old-school, Norfolk is the East Anglian gem that

As a student, one is probably in that ‘adolescent’ bracket of society and thus statistically more likely to engage in

I’m definitely in a rare bracket when it comes to dietary requirements. I’m a gluten-free vegan. Being vegan is a

“Where are you from?” “Cambridge” I lie, when anyone from outside of East Anglia asks me. Technically, I grew up

Recently it was announced that design powerhouse Gucci were going to tighten their lawsuit on the American fast-fashion chain, Forever

Fashion has never been a stranger to political protests. It all began in the 19th and 20th centuries when avant-garde


Beyond Grace are a Nottingham-born-and-bred death metal band that originally formed in UoN’s BandSoc in the late 2000s. I sat

In anticipation of the release of his fourth record Adversity Breeds, Gallery 47, aka Jack Peachey, answered some of Impact’s

Since its debut in 2006, Death Note has become one of the most successful and well-known animes worldwide. It is

In honour of the University of Nottingham’s very own NSTV celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Impact are looking back

After making her name as part of the mumblecore movement (a term she detests), Greta Gerwig turns to directing her

Monk’s House sits in the tiny rural village of Rodmell, carefully tucked away behind the rolling Sussex downs. The first


Wonderful Wonderful sees The Killers return after five years looking to make amends for a long and drawn out fourth album that lead singer Brandon Flowers

Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, two halves of a whole Mount Kimbie, pioneered the post dubstep sound over a decade

Emerging from the smouldering, eldritch ruins of King Gizzard’s Murder of the Universe, the Aussie psych-powerhouse’s third album of 2017

Leaps and bounds above their debut full-length Wishful Thinking, 2015 follow-up Life’s Not Out to Get You proved that Neck

Offering another healthy if sometimes unpalatable dose of nostalgic eighties- and nineties-influenced indies rock, Superfood’s second record Bambino take the

12th September 2016. Everyone remembers the moment they heard the news: the news that Love Productions had betrayed the nation


For new and returning students at the University of Nottingham, the Welcome Fair represents a chance to find out more

Main eventing a card largely geared around some fun action and larger divisional progression, you have former middleweight champion Luke

After an interesting week 1, with the poor play outnumbering the good, week 2 features further chances for the surprises

The NFL returns this week, with the Patriots looking to defend their title and the Browns and Jets among those

With Juventus winning 6 straight Scudetti it’s fair to say that competition in Serie A has been non-existent over recent

After last season’s poor domestic and European run, it’s fair to say that there has been cause for concern at