The Varsity Boat Race

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With junior doctors dominating the news, Impact Features tries to give you the key facts about the current debate between the medics

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With festival season just around the corner, it’s high time you forgot about revision and decided on which of the


This year marks the 3rd time that NU Dance has won ‘Best Overall Club’ at the biggest inter-university competition in



The University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union will hold a Citizens’ Assembly on 3rd May 2016 between 7pm and 9m at Trent Vineyard


Last Thursday I had a conversation with a friend that left me feeling distressed. With it being the queen’s birthday,


BREAKING NEWS: A large fire has started in a factory on Faraday Road in Lenton at approximately 12:20pm. Two fire


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The politics of gender equality in Britain has undoubtedly seen vast improvements since the first law was passed in 1918


The attacks in Brussels on Monday were horrifying both because of the impact on the victims and their families and


The education system has long been a topic of much contention. Recent proposals set out in Chancellor George Osborne’s budget



When the news is filled with stories that can depress even the most optimistic person, Impact Features writers are searching for the

Books 3

Studies of English – and universities in general – have been overwhelmingly dominated by men for the greater part of

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

When the news is filled with stories that can depress even the most optimistic person, Impact Features writers are searching for the



In 1914, soldiers of the Indian Army travelled over four thousand miles to fight alongside the British in the First

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Shopping and F***ing is a 1996 play by English playwright, Mark Ravenhill. In a world where everything has been reduced


Stylised sets of celluloid castles and sci-fi spaceships, incredible musical pieces, and an entire theatre full of burly transvestites and

Film & Television


British director James Watkins ventures into the action genre with Bastille Day, his previous successes being Eden Lake and The Woman

victoria feat

The long-shot is a filmmaking technique that has found itself back in vogue in the past few years. Knowing what


Back in 1960s, Disney’s animations seemed to be able to do no wrong. Fresh off Disney’s 50s golden age, the



Five-piece alt-punk outfit Babe Punch have been making waves in Nottingham and beyond, having tirelessly performed around the city over


Camden Rocks returns to the streets and venues of Camden for its fifth instalment on June 4th. Once again, it

Climbing the sacred steps of The Bodega, for possibly the final time, set the tone for an emotionally charged and



The DOOM multiplayer beta is suffering from a serious identity crisis. Developed primarily out of the studio id Software by

Hearthstone, Published and Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard’s online tactical card game Hearthstone is currently undergoing a dramatic and exciting change that will make the game more

Clustertruck, developed by Landfall Games

Remember that really awesome fight scene in The Matrix Reloaded? The one on the highway, where Neo and crew jump



The most fabulous night of the year saw style-savvy students step out for a night of cocktails, charitable cheer and


In this series, Impact writer, Claire Elizabeth Seah, will consider the nature of fashion in relation to other subjects. Beginning


The events that occur at MTV awards ceremonies are usually spoken of years afterwards. Lest we forget the intimate moment


The Pint of Science Festival is a worldwide, three-day public event from the 23rd to the 25th of May, where

As part of a monthly online feature, Impact investigates the latest news, projects and discoveries in the battle against climate


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful medical tool used to image the body and help doctors diagnose disease. Impact


VARSITY - rugby union

Supporters braved the wild elements at Lady Bay Stadium on Sunday afternoon to witness an enthralling 20-10 win for the

VARSITY - swimming

The University of Nottingham (UoN) Swimming Team ran riot in the Varsity Swimming event, winning 148-71 over Nottingham Trent University


After eight years of NTU Renegades’ American Football dominance, the impressive 19-7 win for UoNAF came hard earned.  UoN won



A city of conflicting identities, Warsaw is rather mysterious. Romanticism and communism are still very much evident in this proudly


Like many other students, a trip to London, while it may be an appealing one, might seem impossible to do


Ellie O’Donnell will be keeping us updated with her study abroad adventures from North America. Keep a look out for



Preceding April all 5 UK Belgo restaurants used to be selfishly hogged by London, but now? The Belgian gem has opened


Situated underneath a Grade II listed building on the corner of Stoney street, Last Chance Saloon offers something different; a


Impact Food is offering its readers the chance to win a meal for four at Belgo! Details below. The new