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A number of burglaries in Lenton, a popular student area of the city of Nottingham, have been reported by students

On September 29th Miley Cyrus released her sixth album, ‘Younger Now’. This album was arguably just as shocking as her

As one of the most unique and immediately recognisable filmmakers working today, Wes Anderson has slowly cultivated a cult following


The universities watchdog has released guidelines instructing universities how to deal with essay writing companies that help students cheat. The

Theresa May has announced that tuition fees will stay at £9,250 for 2018/19, a change from the previously proposed plan

According to Press Association, there has been a rise in first class degrees as a third of institutions in the

For the eighth year running Nottingham has achieved Purple Flag status for being one of the safest cities to go

The founder and administrator of the Facebook page Buy/Sell Tickets (Notts Uni), Rebecca De Beukelaer, has warned students of ticket

Neck Deep had to cancel their Rock City gig last night after an altercation with the security staff. Supporting acts


The Nottingham Goose Fair is the stuff of legends, albeit vague and inconsistent legends, which only occasionally feature actual geese.

In a recent article by BPS Research Digest, Christian Jarrett claims that ‘perhaps teens are too cynical to benefit from

‘Clean eating’. ‘Cheat day’. ‘Guilty pleasure’. These are just some of the terms that have infiltrated our everyday language and

One of the biggest worries for students starting university is homesickness. Spending weeks and possibly months away from your family

To all you Freshers out there, you may start to sweat at the mere mention of the dreaded act of

Home is a deeply rooted word; it’s a word that must grow from somewhere ancient and buried. For many Freshers’,


Crawling to the Fresher’s week finish line, a hangover on the horizon and Fresher’s flu not far behind it; the

Nestled away in the English channel, the Isle of Wight is often reputed as an OAP’s paradise, or as a

One way of enhancing the CV, meeting like-minded people and generally increasing your productivity is to become part of a

5 years ago I graduated from UoN and began working in the NHS as a junior doctor. Now I’m back

Spending two weeks in New York City was easily one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. The


The comedic award-winning star, Mae Martin, has recently announced a UK tour for her critically acclaimed stand-up show, DOPE.  It’s

Video games falling victim to film adaptation are a regular appearance in Hollywood, despite their mixed receptions and low level

Feeling stressed and need a moment to wind down? This playlist has a mix of the old and new, RnB,

Looking for some music that’s the perfect fit for this time of year? Then look no further – here’s Impact’s

Every year, a group of fourth year medical students collaborate to put on a stage production, known as the Medics’

From the outset, Downsizing appears a simple film with a simple story to tell. The core concept of the story


Nottingham Film Festival was at its peak a while ago, and I had the honour of popping along and watching

Mayhem follows Derek Cho (Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead Fame), a fast-rising employee who finds he has sold his

On Sunday 8th October, I was given the opportunity to watch the second session of shorts presented by the Nottingham

Natalia Leite’s focus on female exploitation in her second feature film, M.F.A (Master of Fine Arts), comes as no surprise.

A documentary concerning the healthcare of New Orleans-based musicians in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is definitely a tough sell.

This French film, directed by Richard Angers, follows the story of two brothers and a man – Adrien – (Marc


The University of Nottingham find themselves leading the pack amid the embryonic stages of the 2017-18 season in the British

The new NBA season is upon us, and the it begins with similar questions from past seasons still awaiting answers.

September was an extremely impressive month for both Notts County and manager Keving Nolan, as the ‘Pies boss Nolan was

Demetrious Johnson, often referred to by his nickname Mighty Mouse, is the current, and only ever, UFC flyweight champion (125lbs).

Impact Magazine, University Radio Nottingham and Notts County Football Club have teamed up to allow students to watch their next

The University of Nottingham offers a better range of sports clubs than any other University in the country, so visitors