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Introducing a new addition to the Travel Section here at Impact: Home Run. Discover the amazingly diverse cities and hometowns of

The University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union (UoNSU) has today (20th March) passed a motion to provide at least one gender

Alan Holey has been elected as your new SU President for 2017-18. Alan was declared the President of the Students’ Union


No candidates ran for Environmental and Social Justice Officer this year. The current Environmental and Social Justice Officer is Emory

The voting period for this year’s Students’ Union elections has closed, with voter turnout dropping by 9%. After a final push in

It is the final day of voting for the Students’ Union elections and the candidates and their campaigners are out

Adam Pratchett has been announced as the new Sports Officer. Adam secured the position after one round of voting, due

Martin Nguyen has been announced as the new Activities Officer.  The total number of people that voted for this position

Ruby Harrison has been announced as the new Women’s Officer.  This position was uncontested, meaning Ruby secured the position after


Disclaimer: I love my mum. Another year, another Mother’s Day, and another excuse to post photos of yourself as a

Years ago, students embarked on the bravest challenge of them all: The ‘Campus 14’. Freshers would traverse University Park’s halls,

We’ve all fantasised about semesters abroad, visions of ourselves guzzling Weißbier in Germany or shimmying along a beach in Spain

Winston Churchill famously said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all those other forms that have been

Doing a sociolinguistics module last semester made me well aware of the power of language. We use the words we

Homelessness in the UK has risen 54% in the UK since 2010, and, according to the homeless charity Framework, rough


The term scientific fact has been coined throughout history to stamp a sure-fire statement as a hard-nosed fact. This fact

I am sure most of you have seen the news by now; proclaimed animal activist (and all-round icon) Stella McCartney

“Yo Mama” is a project inspired by Uber and mums while being born from the Nottingham Entrepreneurs Launchpad event in

The World Health Organisation declared the arsenic poisoning of Bangladesh as ‘the largest mass poisoning of a population in history’,

It’s that time of the year again where designers come together in arguably the world’s best dressed city and showcase

E-cigarettes are used by people who smoke, either as an aide to quit or as a direct replacement for traditional cigarettes.


Metalheads of Nottingham were in for a treat when one of progressive metal’s biggest names descended upon the stage of

Amelia Bullmore’s play about the friendship of three women throughout University and beyond is moving and honest, both about the

Impact Arts recently interviewed Abi Whittaker, retail assistant at the legendary Hopkinson Vintage, Antiques and Arts Centre to find out all

During the following weeks, Impact Film & TV writer Sean McGurk will list his opinions on his choice of the 10 greatest

In these dark essay-writing and intensely depressing times, where each and every one of us feels like throwing ourselves into

Baby Driver (Trailer #1) Two years on from his last written project and four years since his most recent directorial


Warning: Major Spoilers ahead. The highly anticipated movie Get Out has just hit UK cinema screens and is receiving a

After many months of hype-building teaser clips and social media posts, Disney have finally released the latest instalment in their

A critique of the capitalistic lifestyle and an all out riddle of a film, A Cure for Wellness is Gore

Callum Walker’s The Black Dog on my Sofa has a lot to say about depression, and for the most part

Student-written theatre has never been finer than in Emma White’s Infectious. The two woman play is punchy, hilarious, and heart-breaking,

Whereas some plays skirt carefully around controversial subjects, Mike Bartlett’s An Intervention hits the issues straight on, creating a dialogue


As one of the curtain raisers on Nottingham Varsity 2017, the University of Nottingham (UoN) Futsal team are looking forward

Things are all positive in the University of Nottingham (UoN) Handball Club camp, as they prepare for their Varsity fixtures. First team

Last year the University of Nottingham dominated the Super Wednesday, winning all but one fixture, that one was archery. This

The first of this season’s Varsity Super Wednesday events will be held at the University of Nottingham’s David Ross Sports

With the 2017 Varsity series fast approaching, excitement is building around the University of Nottingham. The men’s and women’s Volleyball

It’s that glorious green and golden time of year again. Students from across University Park, Lenton, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington