Senior Editors

Huw Green
Miriam Zendle
Associate Editor (News and Sports)
Corin Faife
Associate Editor (Arts and Entertainment)
Charlotte Longstaff
Associate Editor (Travel and Style)
Alice Hutton
Design Editor
Dan Brenikov
Online Editor
James Hicks

Section Editors

Tim Barwell, Jessica Elgot, Owen Bennet
Adam Harwood, Jenny Smith
Tom Peck, Paul Cooney
Amy Dyson, Alex Hoban
Bianca Leggett, Simon Treacy
Fashion & Style
Sophie Pearce, Natalie Dale, Kate Hodgkins
Travel Editors
Amy Pickerill, Sam Holland
Nights Editors
Hannah Lewis, Nancy Weir, Tom Parry

Production Team

Associate Design Editors
Matt Perry, Oliver Rimaldi
Image Editors
Dave Eborall, Rob Garratt
Publicity Manager
Robert Barham


Of course, Impact would be nothing without its writers. Here, contributions great and small to the completion of each issue are noted. We salute you, contributors. Not only that, but very shortly we will be listing all of your efforts on this page. Watch this space!

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