Just like many gizmos and gadgets, boyfriends can be invariably handy to take with you on the road. They can lift heavy things, protect you down dark alleys, and *ahem* entertain you on a rainy day in Thailand. But much more than this, they can be a comfort and support when you’re homesick, and calm you down when your passport’s been stolen.

It was for the latter reasons, I suppose, that I thought my boyfriend’s suggestion to meet me in Australia half way through my Round-the-world-trip would be a good idea. But it turned out to be a very bad one – we split up on the day we were reunited.

You see, what I couldn’t have predicted was that upon my own arrival to Australia I would be offered a lift from Darwin to Adelaide, that I would throw caution to the wind, and that together with two strangers I would drive, camp, explore, drink and dance my way through the red centre, consequently meeting a rather damp spirited boyfriend three weeks late in Sydney instead of Cairns.

What I should have predicted though, is that when push came to shove I would always choose an opportunity for an adventure over prior engagements, my longing to meet new people over the comfort of regular, expected conversation, and my independence over anything I felt might hold me back.

As you would expect, from the moment of meeting up life was a living hell, and when it finally seemed the fighting had stopped, an unfortunate incident occurred on a night out in Bryon Bay whereby, while I was having a quick but passionate kiss with a (relatively) new acquaintance (in what I thought was a very well concealed corner), Andy discovered me, shouted that I’d broken his heart (and some other things that would make your granny faint) and ran off. The next morning, I booked my bus, I packed, and I left, and I didn’t tell him where I was going.

I realise I am currently being severely judged by couples far and wide, but it was never my intention to use this story as evidence for why travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a bad idea; only why travelling with a boyfriend from home was a bad idea for me – and perhaps others who crave freedom, unrestraint and fun instead of whiney boy tears.

So my assessment of the ‘boyfriend’ feature is this: leave him behind. You might think he’s going to be handy to have around, but trust me he’s just far too big and heavy to fit in a backpack!

Alex Kasozi

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