Bioshock 2

Perhaps the only sequel to a masterpiece fans didn’t ask for, the original was one of the most inventive, atmospheric and thrilling titles of 2006. It’s hard to see how it could possibly be improved; safely reuse the undersea 60s utopia-turned-nightmare Rapture, or surprise us with a brand new setting and subversive political message? Bioshock 2 lies in the middle, with its familiar Art Deco aesthetic, hideously mutated terrors, provoking (if sometimes pretentious) references to literature and worse-than-Modern-Warfare-2 multiplayer. Good, then, but this is treading water.

Rating 3/5

Dante’s Inferno

It’s God of War…With a scythe! Right, now that comparison is out of the way, Dante’s Inferno can be measured on its own merits. Apparently the first game based on ancient literature (unless there was a biblical figure with a moustache and blue dungarees we don’t know about) thankfully liberties are taken with its wordy source by journeying you through nine circles of Hell and asking you to murder everything. The imagery is expectedly terrifying, if a little poor in taste, as unbaptized babies rush you in Limbo and multi-mouthed horrors try and eat you in Gluttony, but shallow, repetitious fighting and linear levels limit the experience.

Rating 3/5

Ben Griffin

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