Vintage is big news and it’s here to stay. The question is: can it go further than old-school satchels, loafers, and second-hand clothes? My answer: yes it can!

We’ve all read the fresher’s guide to helping your Uni room feel like home, but let’s face it, a few posters and photos are hardly going to distract from the orange walls and freaky patterned curtains so favoured by campus halls.

My key to making your room feel good is to put things in it that have meaning and history. Sure, you can buy a £1 fleece throw from IKEA, but wouldn’t it be nicer to use a faded woollen blanket, worn and lived and just somehow, homely? It might be tempting to buy all new things for your new room in a new city; but you’d be surprised how cold and distant this can feel when you’re away from home and familiar settings. Buy vintage or second hand and you will almost certainly save money, and in doing so create your own little slice of home.

Searching for vintage home-ware is just as easy as finding vintage clothing. A flowery teacup can be used to store jewellery or stationary, retro tins can hold pens, and old black and white photos create a warm and traditional alternative to the generic poster. My best tip is to buy some cheap fairy lights and string them round your room – soft lighting is a guaranteed way to make your room look warm and welcoming.

Making things for your room is also a good way to create an individual space, and you don’t have to be massively skilled to do this either. Use up old material such as scarves or tea towels to make easy envelope cushions – good for loungey lie-ins! Make a pin board from cork tiles and collect cool postcards and arty images to display and inspire you.

The make-do-and-mend mentality of the older generations could definitely show us a thing or two…

Rosie O’Neill

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