Continuing our week of Hollyoaks Freshers, here’s our third interview. Tamaryn Payne plays Annalise (pictured below), a “perfectionist” who is “deep down…a really nice person”…

Impact: From her profile Annalise sounds like a complete perfectionist. Is that right?

Tamaryn Payne (Annalise): Everyone calls her that, she puts a lot of pressure on herself to be running every aspect of her life, she doesn’t really give herself a break. That’s because of reasons to do with her family – her sister’s a bit of a slacker, there’s a lot of pressure on Annalise to do well. She also has a cleaning obsession, she’s a real clean freak around halls. She’s also very insecure – she does it to please other people, it doesn’t always make her the happiest person. Deep down she is a really nice person, but she can come across a little irritating at times…

Impact: ‘Control freak’ maybe?

Tamaryn Payne (Annalise): Control freak? Yeah. More to do with herself than other people. With her boyfriend Rob (played by David Atkins, Impact’s interview with him will be online tomorrow) she’s trying to mould him into her perfect man, but I don’t think she’s succeeding very well.

Impact: Do you think Annalise is over-controlling or do you think Rob is untrustworthy?

Tamaryn Payne (Annalise): She tries to be, but she doesn’t want to push him away! She does try to keep him on a bit of a leash – he likes going out drinking, being with the lads and stuff like that. She doesn’t want to be a complete control freak with him, she wants to keep him happy as well.  It’s a bit of a struggle haha!

Impact: Do you think our Freshers will empathise with the character of Annalise?

Tamaryn Payne (Annalise): I think some people will. Some people will get her because they would’ve experienced other people in halls, or wherever they live at university, there’s always one person who’s the ‘grown-up’. She’s like the mum of the house, even though she doesn’t really want to be. I think people will either recognise her in themselves, or in someone they’ve been living with – I know I did as a student! There’s always that person who wants to be clean – they make a rota and no-one sticks to it…

Impact: She studies PR – what does that entail?

Tamaryn Payne (Annalise): She’s a big fan of the Royal Family, I think she wants to be immersed in that world. To be a part of that lifestyle and to be associated with those people.

Impact: Do you think that means she has larger ambitions?

Tamaryn Payne (Annalise): Bless her, she’s only 18. I think it’s a big, big dream. There’s a reference to her wanting empires in London and Paris – she thinks about it all the time, whether it’s going to become a reality or not is another matter I suppose.

Impact: Thanks for talking to us!

Tom Grater

Check back tomorrow for our interview with the character of Rob, played by David Atkins…

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  1. laine
    September 28, 2011 at 19:56 — Reply

    i think she is brill. can you tell me were she got her dress from loved it

  2. September 29, 2011 at 09:36 — Reply

    I’m afraid I have no idea where she got the dress from. Perhaps you could try her Twitter – @tamarynpayne

  3. faye
    October 1, 2011 at 16:25 — Reply

    Has anyone been able to find out where she got her dress from, i cant find it anywhere

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