In September the Swiss bank UBS announced that it had lost over two billion dollars, as a result of unauthorised trading performed by ‘rogue trader’ Kweku Adoboli. Images of the Nottingham graduate being led away into a police van hit the front pages and have led us to question what the rogue trader was like during his time at Nottingham.  

Described by his school friends as a “computer whizz”, former head-boy Adoboli graduated with a degree in Computer Sciences in 2003. During his time at Nottingham, he participated in student life and was a Freshers’ Week Coordinator. Adoboli appeared in a Sky News interview about Freshers’ week claiming it was a unique week full of a “jamboree of parties”. He described how by the end of Freshers’ week many of the friendships formed in the first few days would have ended; this must have had resonance at UBS where Adoboli’s actions left his friends and colleagues at risk of losing their jobs.

Faisal Shariff and Helen Trimm

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