Nottingham students have been delayed getting to the NUS protest by nearly two hours. 

The bus driver claims that the Students’ Union gave him the wrong postcode. Matt Styles, SU Education Officer, refused to comment on the issue, but SU President Amos Teshuva says “we’re just keen to get there”.

Impact believes that the SU has spent approximately £1500 on organising the protest, providing buses free of charge from Nottingham to London.

The protest had reached Parliament by the time UoNSU turned up.

The visit lasted less than three hours as the SU refused to delay the return journey as compensation.

Students on the bus said “it seems very pointless, and a wasted journey”

One student noted that in coming to the protest he’d missed half his contact hours for the week.

“It defeats the point of organising the bus to come and protest if by logistical problems we’re prevented from joining the other students who are campaigning and protesting on important issues,” said English student, Dylan Williams.


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