A hidden gem in the heart of the hustle and bustle, Thea Caffea is another charming tearoom that Nottingham can add to its ever-growing repertoire. This truly ‘vintage brew’ has only been open since May 2012 but it has got off to a flying start; if you visit you’ll understand why.

As you stroll down the hidden walkway just off Low Pavement you leave the crazed shoppers behind you and step back in time. Open this door to everything you would imagine a traditional English tearoom to be. From the chessboard flooring, the mismatching floral chinaware, right up to the ornate porcelain chandeliers: the attention to detail is clear. The effort that has gone into creating an authentic atmosphere just proves that it is the little things that count.

There are, unusually, two menus at Thea Caffea one for cakes and lunches, another for the tea. To open the ‘Tea Directory’ is to enter into a whole new world of unusual tea leaves and flowering teas.  Given the setting it seemed only right to choose the ‘Thea Caffea Cream Tea’: £5.95 for a pot of tea for one, and two scones. When in Rome and all that! Thea Caffea is a world away from the type of coffee shops churning out ordinary coffee in paper cups. This quaint little haven has so much more to offer, and all on a gold-rimmed china plate.

Victoria Onions

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