As A Clockwork Orange continues its run at the Nottingham New Theatre, Impact spoke to co-director Alex Mawby about the most stupid things said by cast and crew in rehearsal, amongst other things.

What initially attracted you to A Clockwork Orange?

When I first started thinking of proposing the play I hadn’t even yet seen the film, let alone read the book or the script. Like many people I had a hazy understanding of a story of debauchery and sin, inescapably coloured by Kubrick’s cult classic. I think what excited me most was the prospect of getting rid of Kubrick and creating a similarly iconic vision of my own, one hopefully more relevant to today’s audience.

The play has been widely performed and there is also a film, how will your production differ from what has gone before?

This was a question we raised very early on. From day one we were determined to give our production its own identity. It would have been much easier to have just recreated the film or the recent, and very successful, Action to Word production, but then what would be the point?

So we chose to focus on the moral issue at the centre of the text, utilising approximately a shit tonne of music, lights and costume to illustrate the journey of the main character throughout the show. I don’t want to give away too much, but we have music ranging from Luther Van Dross to Ludwig Van Beethoven and a costume cupboard sourced predominately from fancy dress shops; so that gives you some idea for the tone of the piece!

We’ve heard that it is a multi media performance? Can you tell us any more?

All I’m going to say is that there are around 50 lighting and sound cues our right wing has so many computers in it I occasionally sit behind them all and pretend I’m working for NASA.

 You’re not going to give much away are you….Funniest rehearsal moment?

That’s a tough one. I’m currently keeping a tally of the most stupid questions asked by cast members, and this feels like a good time to release the final results.

Third place:

Laura Gallop: Do ducks have skin?

Second place:

Tom Sheldon: (After three weeks of rehearsal) Oh, so is that character blind?

First place:

Joshua Blake:  Who is Richard Hill? (Richard Hill is the name of the actor playing Alex. The main character)

 Great exclusive! Oddest rehearsal moment?

Teaching all the boys how to walk in time to a Come Together  dubstep remix for an hour.

 Is it better for a man to choose to be bad than to be conditioned to be good?

Now look here you malenky grahzny forellas, you may believe yourselves to be the bolshy big big balled I am, but if you are interresovated in fillying around with my Gulliver for one nichevo longer I will have to crack you right in the kishkas with my little britva. Right? Rightiright? Dobby. Real horrorshow and come and viddy our show or I’ll give you what for.

Right. A Clockwork Orange runs at the Nottingham New Theatre until Friday 22nd March. For ticket information go to:

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