In the run-up to the 2013 SU Student Leader Elections, IMPACT pitted all seven Presidential hopefuls against each other:

1. Who do you consider to be your biggest rival in the race for President?

Johnny Lawrence: “Will Clempner and Ellie.”
Anil Parmar:
“I don’t really think there’s one candidate stronger than any other.”
Ellie McWilliam:
“Will Clempner. I think this is going to be Week One v. Karni.”
Luke Mitchell:
“The Dark Knight.”
Shehroze Khan:
“Other sabb Officers. And Will’s a nice guy, but I’m scared of him.”
The Dark Knight: “Apathy.”
Tom van Wesseldine: “Will Clempner.”
Will Clempner: “The Dark Knight.”

2. Describe your biggest rival in three words.

Johnny Lawrence: “We walk in the same friendship circles, so we’re fishing in the same pond of voters.”
Ellie McWilliam: “Confident, ambitious, charity.”
Luke Mitchell: “Cunning, dangerous, heroic.”
Shehroze Khan: [On sabb officers] “Good, bad and ugly.”
The Dark Knight: “Bane Two-face Joker.”
Tom van Wesseldine: “Never met him.”
Will Clempner: “Mysterious, rebellious, dark.”

3. What has been your biggest achievement while at Nottingham, or what are you most proud of?

Johnny Lawrence: “Joining Impact and writing about terrible movies that I watch.”
Anil Parmar:
“My biggest achievement was being elected [as Financial Services Officer]. Simply because I was doing it alongside my degree, and so I didn’t have much time to campaign.”
Ellie McWilliam:
“I’m most proud of achieving assistant coordinator, and being rugby captain.”
Luke Mitchell:
“My biggest achievement was when I organised an end of year funday for my hall. It took months of organising. On the day it absolutely poured with rain, but we kept going and had a decent turnout.”
Shehroze Khan:
“Being the president [of the Islamic Society] was an amazing learning curve because I got to represent so many students, and empower Muslim students who are less represented.”
The Dark Knight: “Being the hero Nottingham deserves.”
Tom van Wesseldine: “I started an oil and gas brokerage in my year out and since being at Uni it has now become global. Also being on course for a 2:1 in my degree as well as being part of NUFC.”
Will Clempner: “My biggest achievement was probably being elected as an NUS Delegate last term for the coming National Conference.”

4. What is the biggest role you have fulfilled at University?

Johnny Lawrence: “Can I say being a boyfriend? No. Ok. I was a Week One rep which was quite fun. I got to meet people, be friendly, and help people get home ok. Some powerful responsibilities there.”
Anil Parmar:
“My role as FSO is my biggest role while at University. It has lots of responsibility and I had a really big learning curve towards it, but I think I’ve got on really well.”
Ellie McWilliam:
“Doing Week one. It was a role I didn’t expect but absolutely adored.”
Luke Mitchell:
“Being on the SU Exec, because you can make such a difference for students. It’s a big responsibility but I love it!”
Shehroze Khan:
“My NUS delegate role. I just went out and talked to students. I didn’t think of them as votes, I looked at them as people who wanted to make a difference.”
The Dark Knight:
“Being Batman.”
Tom van Wesseldine:
“Nothing to be honest. That’s what separates me from other candidates. I’m not Karni or Week One – I’ve not done any of that. I’m just your regular student.”
Will Clempner: “The biggest role I’ve fulfilled is Karni Exec, because it was a year long commitment leading to us becoming the biggest student run charity in Europe.”

Antonia Paget

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  1. Duncan Davis
    March 9, 2013 at 12:28 — Reply

    Tom ‘van’ Wesseldine: “I’m just your regular student.” “I started an oil and gas brokerage in my year out and since being at Uni it has now become global.”

  2. Anon
    March 9, 2013 at 23:41 — Reply

    I wonder if that’s the same W&T Enterprise T.V.W set up in May 2010, never filed any accounts for, and was therefore subsequently struck off and dissolved by the companies registrar in December 2011?
    I wouldn’t call that going global, I’d call it ’embellishment of one’s CV’.
    Or bullshit.

    It’s all detailed on Companies House website if anyone is interested….

  3. Anon
    March 10, 2013 at 23:38 — Reply

    Johnny Lawrence doesn’t play by the rules. He laughs in the face of ‘3 words’. I also for one believe he is a fantastic boyfriend.

  4. Albert Whittingstall
    March 10, 2013 at 23:40 — Reply

    Shock they think Will is their biggest competition. I, for one, am sick of his intolerable and incessant campaigning. He is getting on my jolly roger

  5. Nick
    March 13, 2013 at 11:49 — Reply

    Year long commitment to Karni? hahahahaha I’m in stitches, year long commitment to getting drunk, hardly an achievement.

  6. Anon
    March 13, 2013 at 14:26 — Reply

    Yeah it’s hilarious how Karni reps whinge about all the “hard work” they put in when in reality it’s just a glorified, paid drinking spree.

  7. Huh?
    March 14, 2013 at 16:44 — Reply

    @nick @anon There’s clearly a big difference between being a Karni rep and on the exec. The exec effectively run a £1.6m company alongside their degree. I don’t think they spent the entire 12 months drinking…

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