Being two girls with little sporting expertise or experience, we weren’t sure what to expect of our experience at UoN’s Boxing Club. We go to the gym and both swim regularly, but neither of us would describe ourselves as particularly strong or savvy in any sort of combat situations.

The walk there was filled with excited but timid wonderings and jokes about how we were going to handle wearing the massive gloves (completely unsuited and disproportionate to our small hands!) and actually having to box! Would it hurt? Would it be challenging? We had no idea… But upon arrival decided to embrace the unfamiliarity and venture into the filled studio.

Immediately we were put at ease by social secs Ana and Leyla, who reassured us that no experience was necessary as they started as beginners themselves. Ana explained, “We both started at the beginning of last year. I started in all honesty because I saw that Victoria’s Secret models do it!” After giving us a quick crash course in what our stance should look like and what the different forms of punches are, we were ready to go. Despite our amateur attempts at practicing the moves we had been shown, we felt as much a part of the club as anyone else, as we were offered constructive advice without being patronised.

“I started in all honesty because I saw that Victoria’s Secret models do it!”

The Boxing Club meets in the University Park Sports Centre 5pm-7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Half the session is made up of technique, half is made up of working on fitness. Fitness is a crucial aspect of boxing. As Leyla explains, “When you go out so much and drink so much, you find that you start to put on weight and feel really unhealthy. I feel like boxing is a fun way to keep fit”. Whether you want to get involved purely to get fit or you’re a keen boxer looking to improve, the club is for you.


If you are keen to show off your boxing talent, there are various events that you can get involved with. The next such event is the University Boxing Event, taking place tomorrow (Saturday 5th December) at Jubilee Sports Centre, from 6:30pm-11pm. This will see boxers from UoN take on competitors from universities across the country, and promises to be an exciting night. With food and drink on sale, it will be a great night out for any group of friends, no matter how extensive your boxing knowledge. Tickets are available on the SU website.

“If you are keen to show off your boxing talent, there are various events that you can get involved with”

Boxing is a sure way to have fun whilst getting fit, and also to make new friends, as explained by Ana: “Because they are quite tough sessions, I feel it bonds everybody together”. Leyla adds, “We’re like one big family!” Due to the friendliness of the society, you’ll always have someone to catch your breath with after the difficulty of a workout.

The Boxing Club proved a nice surprise, encouraging us that there are other fun and affordable ways of getting fit and progressing from beginner status to being able to compete in university competitions. All abilities and types of people (i.e. including those of the more fragile persuasion, like us) are welcome, so head on over if you fancy something a bit different.

Jill Forsdick & Rachel Harrison

Images: Rachel Harrison

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