Well I guess that ‘no jokes’ note that was floating around at DC was a complete lie.

The second full trailer for Batman v Superman has hit the web and it is certainly…different. Whereas the previous trailers have built up a serious, dark, humourless theme, this takes on a far lighter tone showcasing some great humour – yes humour – that Batman v Superman has to offer.

Opening with an excellent back and forth between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, the trailer moves to a constant tempo of epic music, quip, epic music, quip, epic music, quip… You get the picture. Lex Luthor is looking exceptionally charismatic, if not a little fickle with the oldest lie in America. That being said, he steals the show with a truly stand out moment that comes at the end of Clark and Bruce’s exchange.

Of course the big reveal is *Spoilers* the “new threat”. Doomsday (wearing his best cave troll outfit) has been revealed as the big bad that will unite the two heroes. First off, it is disappointing that he was revealed in the trailer. Second he looks terrible.

Despite this the final money shot of the trinity standing together is epic and this trailer certainly shows that Batman v Superman is shaping up to be a more fun romp than originally expected.

Glenn Tanner

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