NCT, Nottingham City Transport, have increased their student cash fare price from £1 to £1.50.

One of the bus line services NCT operates is the bus line 34, which is one of the most frequent services used by students in Nottingham.

The Student Union has released a statement regarding the price increase: “Despite having met with NCT through University Transport Review Groups and showing through our insight that this will be an unpopular move for our members, clearly NCT have made the decision to go ahead with the cash increase.”

“We have maintained the fare at £1 for as long as possible”

The statement, however, goes on to say that they will “continue to work with NCT and the University to explore potential solutions, both in the short term and long term.”

Impact got in touch with NCT and they gave us this statement:

“[T]his is the first time that the Student Cash Fare has been increased since its introduction six years ago, and is necessary because of significant increases in running costs. We have maintained the fare at £1 for as long as possible whilst all other customers have seen their fare increase twice since 2011.”

“I am meeting with both NCT and the University this week to discuss potential solutions”

They went on to tell Impact that they have “no current plans to increase the price again” and that it is “only the Student Cash Fare price that has increased”.

Ellie Mitchell, the SU Community Officer, told Impact: “As someone who uses the 34 regularly, I understand the frustrations of the fare rise and appreciate that this is both very inconvenient and will have a significant financial impact on students. I am meeting with both NCT and the University this week to discuss potential solutions – in the meantime I am also trying to collect any testimonies about how this will affect you as a student, so please get in touch”.

Sarah Lindgärde

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