Amy Wilcockson

Amy Wilcockson

Following the massive media excitement about the first “exclusively gay” moment in a Disney movie – LeFou in the new

Grief is difficult to explain. Its presence is always noticeable, but the strength of this presence is mutable. Overtime the

The age old saying “history repeats itself” is as cliched as it is true. Ask any historian and they’ll tell

As a first-year English student studying Creative Writing as my subsidiary module, we have pondered in some detail over the

Monarch, written and directed by student Tom Heath, weaves together spoken word, poetry and dramatic monologues to tell the stories of

In these dark essay-writing and intensely depressing times, where each and every one of us feels like throwing ourselves into

Once again, Impact Arts’ Esther takes a Shakespearean tale and transforms it for the twenty-first century. This time, the turn of A Midsummer

Callum Walker’s The Black Dog on my Sofa has a lot to say about depression, and for the most part

The Glass Story I walked passed the street we always took & the palpable glass we looked. This time you

Intense, compelling, and at times, disturbing are a few ways to describe NNT’s production of Jennifer Haley’s play, The Nether.