Emily Harbottle

Emily Harbottle

After many months of hype-building teaser clips and social media posts, Disney have finally released the latest instalment in their

Baby Driver (Trailer #1) Two years on from his last written project and four years since his most recent directorial

February 2017 was the month in which cinema audiences flocked to see Lego Batman, Split and the raunchy Fifty Shades Darker.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is driven by popular novels, plays and musicals. However, the sad reality is that many

I was soon to be turning 14 years old when I first watched Skins, around three years after it first

From Theodore Melfi comes the Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures, a tale regarding the true story of three African American women who

The latest gritty offering from the BBC and FX has been a great success, and a star-studded cast has ensured

Whilst many cultural categories are often dominated by rulings and ratings of what’s hot and what’s not (fashion, I’m looking

2017 heralds the arrival of the latest live-action adaptation of the Disney classic starring Emma Watson as Belle, however, the

Two-part drama ‘The Moorside’ concluded on BBC One last week, a dramatisation of the case of Shannon Matthews that shocked