Emily Harbottle

Emily Harbottle

With possibly one of the most controversial production periods of the last few years and a disappointing opening week box-office

In the aftermath of Logan and it’s devastating ending, here at Impact we thought we’d look at some other crappy endings

It’s time for another article in the “Fiction Meets Film” series. As you know, 2017 is a big year for

As we find ourselves entering the fourth month of the year and, therefore, almost a third of the way through

We’re a bit thin on the ground this month, mostly because – as mentioned in the previous edition of this

With a famously funny wife, a lucrative deal with Marvel and a claim to the original “dad bod” throne, Chris

After many months of hype-building teaser clips and social media posts, Disney have finally released the latest instalment in their

Baby Driver (Trailer #1) Two years on from his last written project and four years since his most recent directorial

February 2017 was the month in which cinema audiences flocked to see Lego Batman, Split and the raunchy Fifty Shades Darker.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is driven by popular novels, plays and musicals. However, the sad reality is that many