Jo Grimwood

Jo Grimwood

I was browsing in a bookstore in Nottingham a few days ago, having just had an interview (which I think went

Vogue have appointed their first male editor in chief, as well as Britain’s first black male editor of a major

Continuing Impact’s journey through the ages, Impact Style and Images take a look at the glitz and glam of the

Last week, Nike announced that they are to be the first major sports brand to release hijabs designed for athletes. The appropriately

From the classic fringe to vivid colour, 2017 has shown us some interesting hair trends. Here are the top 5

In Victorian times, “Bit O’ Jam” referred to a lady who is sweet on the eye; a saying we deemed

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, all I see is the same thing. Picture after picture of pretty girls, and boys,

Although those running The Oscars may have got it wrong when they mistakenly announced La La Land as Best Picture,

Whoever says that men can’t rock pink just as good as the girls, hasn’t seen these guys! Image Credits: Emily

Impact Style speaks to Elnaz Sedighara, the founder of the UK’s first contemporary Iranian online design store that specialises in