Karmen Truong

Karmen Truong

Despite what you might think, mid-semester breaks aren’t just reserved for exchange students. Whether in first year or final, a

My name is Alexander, I am a first year law student at the University of Nottingham. I came to the

Having a dad in the army, you might expect I’ve seen many different areas of the country. But although we’ve

Before anyone gets up in my meat-free grill on the ethics, benefits or ins and outs of veganism or vegetarianism,

It’s said that distance weakens even the best of relationships but, having lived abroad for almost two years now and

Introducing a new addition to the Travel Section here at Impact: Home Run. Discover the amazingly diverse cities and hometowns of

Coursework is looming, the sun is creeping out and we are all stuck in bloody Nottingham! Not that we hate

Paris, the city of love, culture, fashion… As a French student, I toyed for a long time with the idea

Much to the dismay of student travellers, Tokyo has recently been ranked as the world’s most expensive city. However, while

An under-appreciated country brimming with history, culture and charm – if you’re considering going abroad, whether to travel, study or work,