Kiran Benawra

Kiran Benawra

‘Can I get you a coffee? How ya doing?’ Ethel Thayer (Carol Parkinson) will ask you. She is pleasant and

Two sets of identical twins (two masters, two servants), two named Antipholus and the other two Dromio, all unknowingly end

After unfortunately missing the gig on the 18th May, this week I couldn’t wait to get back to Just The

Famed for its record-breaking run, The Mousetrap is a truly renowned piece of theatre, which originally captivated audiences at Theatre

Richard Bean’s Pub Quiz is Life deals with the multiplicity of issues surrounding unemployed modern Britain. Throughout the play, the

‘possibility leads to opportunity…’ Do not be fooled by what appears to be innocent albeit wise words. I quickly learnt

Being more enthusiast than expert in dance, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Footstorm, the latest production by Prodijig,

Stephen Berkoff’s East deals with growing up and the rites of passage in London’s East End. Set in 1975, this

Tonight, only in the Rehearsal Room of the Nottingham New Theatre, is your last chance to see Eight. In response

Nudity is now a generally accepted subject matter in art, but German man, Gunther von Hagens,  takes this one step