Maddie Waktare

Maddie Waktare

The politics of gender equality in Britain has undoubtedly seen vast improvements since the first law was passed in 1918

The attacks in Brussels on Monday were horrifying both because of the impact on the victims and their families and

The education system has long been a topic of much contention. Recent proposals set out in Chancellor George Osborne’s budget

The death of the newspaper has been predicted for years, with pundits accusing the digital age of destroying the traditional

Beyonce, of all people, is the latest figure to come under fire for the crime of ‘cultural appropriation’. This oppressive

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Awareness week. Did you know? No, I don’t think many of us did. The

A man in his 40s, cleared of raping a woman in 2015, has been the subject to an interim sexual

Bernie Sanders has been a revelation in this Democratic primary campaign, making a race out of what was considered a

On Tuesday November 10th, Professor Sir David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, was awarded a lifetime achievement for

We all know the feeling. Those things you just cannot stand. They keep you awake at night. They make your