Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson

After the teaser trailer release from a few months ago effused a sense of unease, this brand new, longer sneak

The first trailer released for Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water sets it up to be beautiful, heart-warming and

For me, there are numerous games which I will forever praise above the rest, but one which I will repeatedly

With Jodie Whittaker taking the helm of the TARDIS and a new era of Who imminent, Impact magazine takes a

Despite missing out at the top gong of this year’s Oscars, La La Land’s unprecedented success has still managed to

Since YouTube’s emergence in 2006, the dynamic between YouTube and the LGBT+ community has always been an interesting one. On

Controversy and justifiable doubt has engulfed Disney’s recent decision to fire Miller and Lord, the up-until-now directors of the as-yet-untitled

Another year of university has come and gone, bringing us ever closer to the moment many are to enter. .

With Sony having a solid showing of games and Microsoft having a big blowout on their cutting edge Xbox upgrade,

Reel Equality, a campaign of the Nottingham based organisation, Equation, has involved itself even further regarding an issue that lies