Nick Scott

Nick Scott

An early start, an empty bucket, a dodgy fancy dress outfit and a randomly picked city, finished off with a

If you have some conservative friends or family members on Facebook, then it is more than likely you’ve ran into a

Recent news that MP and former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is to become the Editor for the London

I must start with a confession. Cardiff Metropolitan University has recently chosen to ban words they deemed politically incorrect. The

In first and second year, I must admit that I played a particularly dangerous game with my finances, skirting the

Two year degree courses at universities in England look set to be introduced under new government plans, costing an eye-watering

Ever since the November 2016 USA “shock” election of Donald J Trump, we have seen political alignment and hysteria approaching

A man who looks remarkably like Robert F. Kennedy is talking to me at the 2016 Conservative Party Conference in

He is beauty, he is grace. He’s a tyrannical sexist fatcat. And Nottingham has had Trump on the brain for

Donald Trump begins building an America that everybody can understand, but nobody can believe in. The cultural identity of America