Sam Todd

Sam Todd

The Notts Student’s Manifesto was launched on Thursday evening at Nottingham Trent’s Students’ Union. Students testified in support of the policies

The University of Nottingham’s Nottingham Student Television (NSTV) and Nottingham Trent’s Trent TV are to collaborate on daytime chat show, ‘The

Expanding their niche of irreverent and madcap throwbacks to the low-budget classics of their childhood, Canadian production company Astron-6 descended on Nottingham with their

Sick of doing the monster mash? Here’s a plethora of tracks which you’re unlikely to hear at a club’s ‘Halloween Special’,

The integration of technology and the human body is often confined to sci-fi, but are Cybermen really fiction? The human

The advent of the outstanding X-Men: First Class revitalized the X-Men franchise in 2011, enabling the evolution of a new series of

Impact spoke with director Jack Delaney, whose seven part miniseries Making Sparks has just been released. The supernatural thriller is the first genre

Concerning (primarily black and female) backing singers, 20 Feet From Stardom brings to light six or seven standout voices and their

Godzilla is another attempt by Hollywood to revive the lizard after Roland Emmerich’s juvenile version in 1998. In a more

Can you believe it? We’re already halfway through Season 4 of Game of Thrones. In one month’s time, we’ll once