Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer

Superhot is an independently-made first-person shooter, first released in February 2016, which has been developed and published by Superhot Team.

Sea Hero Quest is currently #14 on the App Store free apps list and for good reason. Whilst not only

Blizzard’s online tactical card game Hearthstone is currently undergoing a dramatic and exciting change that will make the game more

Remember that really awesome fight scene in The Matrix Reloaded? The one on the highway, where Neo and crew jump

Gimmicks. Originally meaning an attractive and clever idea, this word has been used of late in the gaming sphere in

Dark Souls III is already available to gamers in Japan (as well as sneaky Xbox One players worldwide) and will

I got The Witcher 3 back in August after a Summer-long love affair with the first two games. It is

Everyone has been waiting for this game for years. Fallout 4 was likely the most hyped videogame of 2015, and now it

Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn-based squad game, a la XCOM, with a 3rd person over the shoulder

This War of Mine depicts the macabre atmosphere of war in a side-scrolling survival game, delivering a harrowing and immersive