IMPACT suggests three different ways to spend your summer holidays. Au Pairing I found a family from the mountains; they

  Students at the University have been campaigning for a room full of puppies. This comes after Dalhousie University in Canada

Since Steven Spielberg and George Lucas revolutionised the film industry in the ‘70s, the blockbuster has been a reliable moneymaker for

Way back in September, we offered up a serving of the best large gig venues in Nottingham. Now, with the end

Think forking out over £500 for the latest iPhone or £200 for a games console was expensive? Turns out they’re just

 This year sees Nottingham Playhouse celebrate its fiftieth year on its current site. Naturally, the theatre holds many a story from

We took a few willing volunteers, whose last experience of gaming was a few frantic years of Pokémon, and put them

Gaming is renowned for its difficulty, and getting into the industry surrounding it is no different. IMPACT quizzed a few

An NUS survey undertaken at the end of last year has suggested that “the hard work of postgraduates is woefully undervalued

The failure of the NUS protest in November 2012, which resulted in leader Liam Burns being assaulted with eggs and