The idea of a summer in the countryside can sound daunting for some, particularly us city-dwellers. We often return from


With more students applying for a degree now than ever before, the prestige of a degree doesn’t really carry the


Term ended a few weeks ago and already the bubble that is University is fading into blackness, as students up


Volunteering has long been a source of solace and reward both for those who devote their time and those who

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A year and a half ago, Ed Miliband was a household name, and the ‘Milibabes’ were in full swing; sharing


Now that lectures are over, a lot of students are asking themselves: what will I do over summer? But there’s


Impact Features writer Lucy questions whether the government’s equality strategy is having any real effect… Widening participation is an initiative

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We live in a world not only controlled, but also constructed, by the media. Our realities are fundamentally based on

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With junior doctors dominating the news, Impact Features tries to give you the key facts about the current debate between the medics


When the news is filled with stories that can depress even the most optimistic person, Impact Features writers are searching for the