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The sound of cannon fire rips through the city. The chatter stops, and people sitting in cafés look at each


Although capital cities are lively, busy exciting places to visit whilst travelling, to discover the true culture and beauty of


Disneyland at half the price and twice the educational value, Prague’s architecture and culture has withstood the test of time,

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They say there’s nothing quite like a road trip to cement a friendship; something that rings entirely true for Ivan


The largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere, the only city in Latin America so far to host the Olympic


Enclosed by green rolling hills, beautiful fjords and thick forests, Oslo, or the Viking city, located in the southern part


The week that followed the infamous Delhi gang rape of 2012 saw scores of Delhiites take to the streets to


There is no doubt that Spain’s treasures are hidden in its Southern region. Despite the beauty and magnificence the rest


When someone mentions Ireland, Dublin is inevitably the first city you would think of. However, though Dublin is the biggest city, it


From a lazy walk through ‘Parque del Retiro’ to the crowded, bustling main plaza ‘Sol’, Madrid is a capital city