There are plenty of people out there who love reading, whether an English student like me, or not. However, there


We’re all familiar with the literary canon, thought to be the realm of dead white men. But when we are always

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Impact Arts spoke with Margaret Jean Taylor, author of My World in Rhyme, on her experiences of writing her collection of

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SPOILER ALERT The eighth story. Nineteen years later. The revival of the fictional phenomenon Harry Potter has been re-awakened by


‘Interactive theatre’ is usually an experience which creates a close, physical relationship between actors and an actively involved audience in

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‘What was ugly can become beautiful in an instant. Peace is all around us. The slogan says:                Birdseye-in-Furness: The

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Everyone loves to have a laugh, and many of us love the theatre. So we have compiled the five best theatrical


Being a student and an art lover at the same time sadly doesn’t come cheap. Not usually that is. But


Cornwall is often described as the ultimate British seaside resort – the Cornish ice cream, the Cornish beaches… but is


Two of my favourite things are holidays and a good book. For me, a holiday is the perfect time to