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When you experience any form of entertainment – whether it be a novel, a film, a play, whatever – you


From the moment the play begins, with the death of our protagonists followed by an upbeat dance montage taking you

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Where could you possibly find the Chuckle Brothers, Chico from The X Factor and Kenneth the mouthy hairdresser from Benidorm


Guiding the audience throughout the protagonist’s struggles in the process of creating a film, Tom Proffitt’s The Greatest Thing You’ve


Light-hearted and easy watching, Nottingham New Theatre’s As You Like It adds extra gags and a modern twist to the


Chaotic, comical and self-aware, The Super Awesome Happy Fun-Time Trick Performance by Ben Webber is an absurdist piece of comedy


When the Twilight series finally came to an end, and people started to grow tired of the vampire/werewolf fascination that


W;t by Margaret Edson is the current in house production at Nottingham New Theatre, and it is, in my opinion,


Luke Wright delivered an in-your-face, politically charged performance of poetry in a one-man show entitled What I Learned From Johnny Bevan.


Experimental theatre with hilarious results! Yee Heng Yeh’s All The World’s a Stage and Other Stories is a brilliant play