Art-y Outings


After drowning in deadlines, dissertation preparation and having to think about *shudder* the future all semester, when my friend invited


From bright and sunny Leeds to dark and rainy Bath: you wouldn’t expect it, but I experienced it! Leeds On


If you’re looking for something better to do with your weekends than post-Ocean, all-you-can-eat vegetation sessions (as great as they


Perhaps Nottingham’s most famous historical spot, Nottingham Castle occupies ‘Castle Hill’ between The Park and the City Centre. It boasts


During my trip to Amsterdam with friends this summer, I stumbled across a Banksy and Andy Warhol Exhibition at the


Berlin is well-known as being one of the cultural capitals of the world, but I never realised quite how much


As an English student, and a massive lover of all things Bronte, this was a dream come true! I decided

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Although the title of this article is stolen from the travels through Spanish art history of a 40 something year


Cornwall is often described as the ultimate British seaside resort – the Cornish ice cream, the Cornish beaches… but is


On a recent holiday to the Isle of Wight, the overwhelming urge to do classic touristy things took over me.