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One of the best ways to get work experience as an Arts student has to be volunteering. However unintentionally, the

As a first-year English student studying Creative Writing as my subsidiary module, we have pondered in some detail over the

In these dark essay-writing and intensely depressing times, where each and every one of us feels like throwing ourselves into

When the idea was put to me to write an article about the idea of Gaming Studies – or studying

Buying a Valentine’s Day card for your crush, your ‘just-a-fling’ or your partner and unsure what to write in it,

Impact Arts asks students who have worked in the arts industry about some of their funniest moments. This week Isla

Second year seems to be that point where everyone thinks ‘oh shit, I need to look into getting a job’, and

Having purchased tickets over a year before going to see the production, I had been counting down the days (months)

It’s a new semester, you’ve moved back into your room and fancy a change. Your endless Instagram scrolling sessions and

With the New Year upon us, Impact Arts decided to give you some inspiration of how to pimp up your bookshelf