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Video games falling victim to film adaptation are a regular appearance in Hollywood, despite their mixed receptions and low level

From the outset, Downsizing appears a simple film with a simple story to tell. The core concept of the story

Marvel relish in the opportunity to throw in little nods and calls to other characters and events in their cinematic

After April’s teaser, the first and only The Last Jedi trailer is finally here, and you bet we’re gonna analyse

Returning for its 13th incarnation just in time for Friday 13th, Mayhem is back at Nottingham’s Broadway cinema from 12th

As one of the most unique and immediately recognisable filmmakers working today, Wes Anderson has slowly cultivated a cult following

In 2013, the night before my Business Studies GCSE morning exam, I was up at 3am watching E3, where a

As the winds get chillier and the days shorter, October brings with it a slew of horror movies in the

Next weekend marks the second iteration of the annual Nottingham International Film Festival (NOTTIFF), happening at the Showcase Cinema de

We are gathered here today to remember fondly our good friend, Peter Rabbit, who sadly passed this year, along with