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A large cult love him, a large group hate him; the impartial have simply never seen him. So here’s to

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Super Bowl Trailer) Sunday 5th February 2017 was an important day for many American

When we think of film noir, we reflect on Hollywood’s crime mysteries from the 1940s such as Citizen Kane and

On the silver screen, drugs have always seemed to play a major role. From old Hollywood to twentieth century cinema,

As the industry’s mecca for fans of independent cinema, Sundance Film Festival is the annual amalgamation of actors, directors and

Over two decades after the release of Danny Boyle’s seminal cult classic Trainspotting, all our favourite anti-heroes are back with

Finally, after months of waiting, the Oscars are nearly upon us. Will La La Land dance its way to the

Woody Harrelson’s directing debut, Lost in London, was released last week, retelling the true story of Woody’s wild antics in

Perhaps the best university-based sitcom out there, Fresh Meat perfectly captures the insecurities, the inevitable personality shifts, and the short-lived

With Studio Ghibli being on an indefinite hiatus, it’s re-assuring to know the studio’s animators are still in work and