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A large cult love him, a large group hate him; the impartial have simply never seen him. So here’s to

When we think of film noir, we reflect on Hollywood’s crime mysteries from the 1940s such as Citizen Kane and

As the industry’s mecca for fans of independent cinema, Sundance Film Festival is the annual amalgamation of actors, directors and

Finally, after months of waiting, the Oscars are nearly upon us. Will La La Land dance its way to the

Perhaps the best university-based sitcom out there, Fresh Meat perfectly captures the insecurities, the inevitable personality shifts, and the short-lived

236 episodes over 10 seasons. 6 of the most well-known characters of all time. Trying to discern five essential episodes from one

January is a great time for awards season lovers like me. The critically lauded films that have been out in

Carrie Fisher, known most for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga, has died aged 60, following

For those of you who can’t be bothered to buy a Radio Times but don’t want to miss out on

Are you sick of Christmas already, even though it’s not even happened yet? Considering some people put their decorations up