In honour of the University of Nottingham’s very own NSTV celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Impact are looking back

For me, there are numerous games which I will forever praise above the rest, but one which I will repeatedly

With Sony having a solid showing of games and Microsoft having a big blowout on their cutting edge Xbox upgrade,

With a weaker console and waning fanbase, Microsoft had to deliver a convincing pitch for their mid-gen console release, Xbox

In the past, both EA and Ubisoft have produced games that I have spent a lot of time on and

The first gaming console I ever owned was the PlayStation 1, which I got for Christmas back in the ‘90s,

So, housing decisions all sorted? Ready to move into your new student flat? Wondering how to stay friends as the

If you know anything about action-RPG gaming, then you’ll know that one of the most highly anticipated games of early

Since its release in June 2016, the zombie survival game 7 Days to Die has received numerous reviews, yet most

With the promise of Gen 2 Pokémon being released later this month or early next year (depending on if you