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Sick of £1.50 jägerbombs and sticky floors? Need a night out with friends that’s not in a club? Nottingham Playhouse’s

All people have traits which will annoy others, yet writers will often try to tap into that imperfection to create

There was a definitive buzz in the literary sphere last week as J.K. Rowling returned to her readers, not through

Glastonbury, Reading and Latitude are to name but a few ideas which will immediately come to mind when the word

People often wish to have someone recite poetry to them. Some are lucky to receive poems as gifts, others are

Everybody has a favourite book. A book that has stayed with you forever from the moment you put it down

Do you know about Nottingham University’s Gospel Choir? Impact Arts finds out what they are up to. Revival Gospel Choir

I’ve never really considered myself as mouthy, or confidently called myself a Poet, but there was something about the Mouthy

Valentine’s Day can be many things depending on the situation you’re in. Male or female, single or in a relationship,

Impact Arts and Impact Film go head to head in bringing you the ultimate argument: book or film? The Lord of The