Feeling stressed and need a moment to wind down? This playlist has a mix of the old and new, RnB,

Happy International Women’s Day! The Impact Music team are celebrating by listening to their favourite songs by women, for women.

For a band who have won numerous awards, sold millions of records and have a fairly dedicated fan-base, there are

We’re halfway through LBGT History Month AND it’s Valentine’s Day! However you choose to spend this month of love (and this day

With rap and grime at the forefront of the UK urban scene, it’s quite easy to let the great vocalists

Yeah, that Kent Union thing was kinda awkward innit. If you’re lost for some exceptional musicians of Afro-Carribean descent then

The end is upon us. Tomorrow, freshers week is over. However, your first year at Notts has just begun. Time

The end of Freshers Week is around the corner. Have you had sufficient helpings of Ocean and Crisis yet? Fully

Suffering from the mid-week blues? Allow yourself a few moments of wistful reminiscing. You’ve entered a new stage of life and

It’s the morning after the night before. Now it’s time to soothe your hangover with the second instalment of our Freshers Week