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As the promise of future sun coaxes us into the month of May, springtime motifs of the cute and cuddly

Repetition is apparently Hollywood’s go-to form – from live-action remakes of Disney classics, to adaptations of fiction from a variety

Ah, May. A wonderful time of the year, when the Sun is shining and the trees are blossoming. Well, unless

Another addition to Sean’s list of the 10 greatest films of the 21st Century. Next up: Synecdoche, New York. If there

Following the massive media excitement about the first “exclusively gay” moment in a Disney movie – LeFou in the new

At a time when borders are becoming increasingly more talked about than unison, The Nottingham Alternative Film Network put together

Quentin Tarantino can be recognised as one of the few great film directors that has developed a uniquely focused style.

In the aftermath of Logan and it’s devastating ending, here at Impact we thought we’d look at some other crappy endings

It’s time for another article in the “Fiction Meets Film” series. As you know, 2017 is a big year for

Sean McGurk continues to list his top ten greatest films of the 21st century. Next up, Mulholland Drive: Why do films