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Oy with the poodles already! The ‘Gilmore Girls’ are back and better than ever! To its many fans, myself included,


‘The Crown’, Netflix’s sumptuous new drama has been out for several weeks now, and has us all hooked. From the


The global success of JK Rowling’s wizarding world of Harry Potter has provided her with the freedom to breathe new


Looking to get onto the HIMYM train? Finally fed up with not knowing what all your friends are on about when they tell


November 1998: The first Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace trailer premieres in cinemas around the world. Expectations were high…oh, innocence


What if society’s views were reversed? What if heterosexuality was not considered the norm? An overtly thought provoking concept turned


It’s been a long time coming for fans of the series, but Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is


Arrival is a magnificent science-fiction film which perfectly achieves the balance so many large-scale movies aim for, and often fail


Ironically, for a film whose eponymous character’s autism equips him with an almost supernatural talent for mathematics, something about this


Humans is an amazing and in-depth portrayal of what our world would look like if it was filled with robots