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Phase 3 is about to commence for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as we see more and more characters being

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John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is a tale of two unlikely friends, George and Lennie, who move from ranch to


This autumn saw one of cinema’s biggest box office flops in the form of the Peter Pan remake: Pan. Despite a production


How do you make a movie funnier than the funniest movie of the year?  You parody it, of course.  When


After a wait of FIFTEEN YEARS, a glimpse of Derek and Hansel walking the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week was


Last year, retail giant Sainsbury’s retold the touching true story of enemy soldiers during World War One, who met in


The cinema can be conducive to a fantastic date. Cuddling next to your significant other in a darkened room, enjoying


After a brilliant first film, the cast of Now You See Me are back for their second run. The trailer

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The first season of Jessica Jones, the next television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which also includes blockbuster

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Picking up seamlessly from where Part 1 left off, Mockingjay Part 2 follows Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in her campaign to