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It’s finally here; the long-anticipated addition to the new set of accumulating Disney live action remakes, which includes the hugely


In a year where the superhero genre has arguably hit the heights of greatness (Captain America: Civil War) and the


Jeremy Saulnier is one more step towards mastering the grim and deadly. This is a director who pulls no punches


When a studio spends years building up a release that is set to feature an ensemble cast, based off a

demolition feat

Demolition is a film defined by its contrivances, critically and promotionally; talk of the movie has been dominated by the


The fantastic six-part drama The A Word concluded on the BBC this week, leaving viewers impressed with its raw honesty


British director James Watkins ventures into the action genre with Bastille Day, his previous successes being Eden Lake and The Woman

victoria feat

The long-shot is a filmmaking technique that has found itself back in vogue in the past few years. Knowing what


Back in 1960s, Disney’s animations seemed to be able to do no wrong. Fresh off Disney’s 50s golden age, the


Probably spoilers ahead. Obviously. After over a year of hyperbolic promotion, a decade since the last one and 32 years