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Marvel relish in the opportunity to throw in little nods and calls to other characters and events in their cinematic

Returning for its 13th incarnation just in time for Friday 13th, Mayhem is back at Nottingham’s Broadway cinema from 12th

As the winds get chillier and the days shorter, October brings with it a slew of horror movies in the

Next weekend marks the second iteration of the annual Nottingham International Film Festival (NOTTIFF), happening at the Showcase Cinema de

Since its debut in 2006, Death Note has become one of the most successful and well-known animes worldwide. It is

As university creeps around the corner, September can be a mixed bag of emotions. So how appropriate that, in terms

Following (and long before) the recent announcement that Disney finally is moving towards the release of an Obi-Wan Star Wars

At the end of July, the long-running medical drama Casualty wrapped its 31st season with a finale completely composed of

August is always an interesting time in the film calendar. As networks prepare for the jam-packed ‘fall TV’ schedule, studios

Since YouTube’s emergence in 2006, the dynamic between YouTube and the LGBT+ community has always been an interesting one. On