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It’s a funny time for a biopic about Morrissey. A former symbol of youthful angst, isolation, and quiet rebellion, Morrissey

Three. Two. One. Mark. Christopher Nolan has taken his shot at the war film genre. ‘Dunkirk’ requires proper recognition as

As Netflix’s newest film offering, Okja, directed by Joon-ho Bong, came with a lot of expectations. The trailers suggested a

If anyone out there still hasn’t seen Wonder Woman, I have some words of advice: go watch it. Coming from

We are nearing the finish line, with Children of Men as the next film to stand as one of the

Halfway through the list already, City of God stands comfortably as one of the 21st Century’s 10 Greatest Films…. In

Here is the 4th installment in Sean’s rundown of the 21st Century’s Greatest Films. This time around, 25th Hour. As

With possibly one of the most controversial production periods of the last few years and a disappointing opening week box-office

When I went to watch the new crime drama film Elle, I had no clue what it would be about.

Warning: Major Spoilers ahead. The highly anticipated movie Get Out has just hit UK cinema screens and is receiving a