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Martian Damon

Ridley Scott doesn’t have a monopoly on space, but sometimes it can feel that way (even though Alfonso Cuarón likely

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Who knew 29,029 feet would be the benchmark at which humanity would test their resolve, resilience and thirst for ambition?

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Though he’s only been working for a fraction of the time of Woody Allen, M. Night Shyamalan may well end


The Hunger Games is coming to an end, opening a gap in the Young Adult film market. The second of


“It takes a lot of love to hate a man this much” narrates Reggie Kray’s wife in the opening of


Biopics are the most awkward of genres. We all live our own lives and we know from them that unlike

45 years

Early on in 45 Years, Tom Courtenay’s Geoff receives a letter from Switzerland pertaining to a significant event (which I will


In 2005, Tim Story gave us The Fantastic Four, followed in 2007 by Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.


Bearing in mind this new release is the fifth instalment in the series, it would be easy to think that


Orson Welles was weighty. I think that’s universally agreed. Influence-wise, in terms of mythologising and the shadow cast over subsequent