Film Reviews

With a stellar cast and a fantastically absurd concept at its heart, The Beauty Inside seems promising. But Baek Jong-yul’s

Nottingham Film Festival was at its peak a while ago, and I had the honour of popping along and watching

Mayhem follows Derek Cho (Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead Fame), a fast-rising employee who finds he has sold his

On Sunday 8th October, I was given the opportunity to watch the second session of shorts presented by the Nottingham

Natalia Leite’s focus on female exploitation in her second feature film, M.F.A (Master of Fine Arts), comes as no surprise.

A documentary concerning the healthcare of New Orleans-based musicians in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is definitely a tough sell.

This French film, directed by Richard Angers, follows the story of two brothers and a man – Adrien – (Marc

The final film to grace the silver screen at the Nottingham International Film Festival was the Polish drama Rage (originally

Since its debut in 2006, Death Note has become one of the most successful and well-known animes worldwide. It is

It’s a funny time for a biopic about Morrissey. A former symbol of youthful angst, isolation, and quiet rebellion, Morrissey