Film Reviews


The global success of JK Rowling’s wizarding world of Harry Potter has provided her with the freedom to breathe new


Arrival is a magnificent science-fiction film which perfectly achieves the balance so many large-scale movies aim for, and often fail


Ironically, for a film whose eponymous character’s autism equips him with an almost supernatural talent for mathematics, something about this


Naked, plus-sized women dancing in slow motion with pom-poms and sparklers to an Americana drenched backdrop. Welcome to Nocturnal Animals.


As part of Black History Month, the Nottingham New Art Exchange screened Generation Revolution in collaboration with the University of Nottingham.


The monumental success of Marvel’s core Iron Man and Captain America films has given them the freedom to pursue more


After the adrenaline ride, that was The Raid and its sequel The Raid 2, catapulted Iko Uwais onto international circles,


“The highest one can attain to truth is to attain his own illusions” –  L . Ron Hubbard. Louis takes


Last week Broadway Cinema once again played host to the Mayhem Film Festival, a celebration of horror movies and related


In a genre everybody knows inside out, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. But The Girl with all