Most people have heard of veganism now (and if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?) but raw

Veganism is on the rise – that much is undeniable. Insert stat here. However, this animal-loving lifestyle comes at a

Baking a cake to suit your own tastes is surprisingly easy, but most people just don’t have the confidence to

For the purposes of this review, I have promised to admit that I could have tried the “devastator challenge” but

When you get back from uni late and have no time to cook up anything fancy and forgot to batch

With the imminent cold approaching and our freezing student housing, we thought we would arm you with some quick and

Whether you are Coeliac, suffer gluten intolerance, or whether you just decide to cut it out of your diet, more

Cinnamon has seen-a-man or two in history (sorry)… Impact writer Sarvenaz Hosseini takes a look at the background and uses

Well hello there, distinguished guests! Fancy quenching your thirst with delightful cocktails without cocking up your budget? Well as it

Have you ever come across two completely different types of food that shouldn’t work together but just do? Take peanut