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Louise Orwin’s piece of feminist experimental theatre, ‘A Girl and A Gun’, recently ran at Nottingham Playhouse. We spoke to her about


This album is bad for your health. I know that because it’s all I’ve listened to since it was released


More evidence that the internet is taking over the world: Netflix has delivered yet another excellent, binge-worthy original series in


If you’ve been on social media at all recently, you’ll have seen plenty on the VMAs. In particular, the fact


After a delayed start due to the Olympics, The Great British Bake Off has finally returned to our screens in


It’s official. From September 2017 some universities, including University of Nottingham, will be allowed to charge students over £9,000 to


The University of Nottingham has confirmed that it will be raising tuition fees for students joining the University for the


These days, the accusation that ‘all chart music sounds the same’ has become all too common. It’s a sweeping generalisation that


For the past year, 70% of my lunches have been omelettes. Whether they’ve been from Coates Café near my lectures