Humans and Health

To those who know me it’s never a shock to see me winding down for bed at a time before

Most teenagers tend to adopt the same diet as their parents when living at home due to convenience and upbringing.

Fact vs. Fiction During the EU referendum and US Presidential election, fact-checking services became near-ubiquitous. It was believed that if

‘May you live in interesting times’ is a Chinese curse condemning the recipient to live through times of turmoil –

The World Health Organisation declared the arsenic poisoning of Bangladesh as ‘the largest mass poisoning of a population in history’,

E-cigarettes are used by people who smoke, either as an aide to quit or as a direct replacement for traditional cigarettes.

Motor Neurone disease (MND) was catapulted into the public eye some years ago by revolutionary physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking who suffers

The evident stigma surrounding those with mental health issues is slowly dissipating as our awareness of the issues increases. However,

We are living in a time where antibiotics are used as the ‘cure-all’, but imagine a hospital visit for minor

When I started my biology degree at Nottingham, I wasn’t interested in learning too much about human biology. I figured