The American, joint-smoking rapper Wiz Khalifa released his sixth LP on February 5th, being known for one of the biggest


Beyoncé has just surprised her fans with a new single ‘Formation’. 2016 is proving to be a good year for


An album entirely of the A-List’s rejects may not seem like a winning idea, but Sia certainly brings life and


January was a heavy month for music. Not since the nineties have the biggest records of a period been as


The American rapper, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr, otherwise known as B.o.B, believes the world to be flat. If you were


Anti is the eighth studio album by the Barbadian vocalist Rihanna. This has been a highly anticipated release, as Rihanna


Having seen great success as a touring miniature festival across the pond, this year’s iteration of the Carnival of Madness

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Dark, slow and melancholic, Daughter’s second album, Not To Disappear certainly follows in the footsteps of their first album ‘If


A Breakdown Of Kanye’s Twitter Rant Including Wiz Khalifa (And Amber Rose, And Kim Kardashian, And His Family And Wiz Khalifa’s

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IMPACT brings you the unmissable live performances this month, highlighting the best talent stopping off at Nottingham throughout February. Tuesday