Foxes’ (a.k.a Louisa Allen’s) new pop-filled album offers juxtaposition between sweet pseudo-dance music and often dramatic break up lyrics.  However

Nine Track Mind

Charlie Puth gained his fame through posting pop and doo-wop videos on YouTube since 2009. Nine Track Mind is his


An album entirely of the A-List’s rejects may not seem like a winning idea, but Sia certainly brings life and


January was a heavy month for music. Not since the nineties have the biggest records of a period been as


Anti is the eighth studio album by the Barbadian vocalist Rihanna. This has been a highly anticipated release, as Rihanna

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Dark, slow and melancholic, Daughter’s second album, Not To Disappear certainly follows in the footsteps of their first album ‘If


The highly anticipated debut LP from Madrid garage-rock group Hinds, released on 8th January, has arrived to continue into 2016


Troye Sivan is a name that is likely to become very well known in 2016, and having played his album


With years of experience on the Leeds hardcore circuit, features on BBC Introducing, and endorsements from Musical Mathematics, Classically Handsome Brutes’

ct-pope-francis-wake-up-album-20150925 (1)

Yes, you read that correctly. The Pope just dropped an album. The real one. Like, the actual Pope has released