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From the outside dubstep may appear to be in a kind of hibernation, with only the die-hard fans really in the know


Describing their sound as ‘wobbly rock’, Nottingham’s Crosa Rosa are slowly beginning to amass a keen following across much of

My White Noise

With rap and grime at the forefront of the UK urban scene, it’s quite easy to let the great vocalists


Many are still yet to hear of the name Alexandra Savior; though that may not be the case for much

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It’s 10pm in Lenton and Melo-Zed, producer and recent University of Nottingham graduate, does not seem bothered that I just


Kanye West is the definition of the problematic pop star, perhaps at a level of status and vitriol no musician


Every area has their own music legend, but I doubt many have one quite like the one Southern USA has


1994 was a big year for hip hop in America. East coast had the likes of Nas’s Illmatic and Notorious

Nina Simone, 1969.

Nina Simone is a unique voice in the annuls of soul history. Trained as a classical pianist in segregated North


Pink Floyd are one of the greatest bands of all time. When they briefly reunited in 2005 for Live 8