Every year, thousands of albums are released. Most artists release singles separately, which often take on a life of their

Often, turbulent times can produce the best art. Needless to say, 2016 has been an excellent year for music… Presenting Impact

From the outside dubstep may appear to be in a kind of hibernation, with only the die-hard fans really in the know

Friday was a brilliant day if you love hip hop, we had turn up albums, we had conscious albums, we

As Walking On Cars prepared backstage for their debut performance at Nottingham’s Rock City last Monday, Impact was allowed access

The deadlines are piling up but don’t worry, I’m still here to give you the albums worth listening to this

During the lead up to the release of album number eight, A Spanner in the Works (listen here), Impact Music decided

A lot of music comes out weekly, so over here at Impact we have given everything a listen so you don’t

In a bar crammed with 10 people, music was blaring and the weather was cold but Impact couldn’t let the

Describing their sound as ‘wobbly rock’, Nottingham’s Crosa Rosa are slowly beginning to amass a keen following across much of