Nottingham University student radio station URN is holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) due to resignations by some members of the executive committee close to the end of last term. Publicity Manager Eloise King acrimoniously resigned from her position in November and has not yet been replaced, though Assistant Publicity Manager Ian Chaloner is currently looking after the role. The position has been renamed ‘Brand Manager’ and a new candidate will be properly elected at the EGM.

The Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson is for it. Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson is for it. The Nottingham Evening Post is for it. Now that the proposed ‘partial ban’ is “dead in the water” and a Tony Blair looks set to allow a free vote, how do Nottingham University students stand?

Nottingham councillors are desperate for the toilet and could pay up to £100,000 a month for the privilege. Plans for the development of public toilets on Greyhound Street, just off Market Square, have been passed urgently through the Council’s building bureaucrats in order to be finished as soon as possible. The conveniences, said to cost more than £400,000, have been inconveniently rushed because the council have been told by building company Balfour Beatty, who are redeveloping Market Square, that if they are not ready by 19th May the council will be fined £100,000 a month until they are.

Rail passengers in Nottingham are facing price rises among the highest in the country. As of 3 January 2006, most train operators have imposed above-inflation fare increases – with three of the four highest on Nottinghamshire train operators’ services. The Rail passengers’ Council chief executive, Anthony Smith, said: “The industry is going to have to work hard to demonstrate that these rises represent value for money.”

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society have raised a staggering £616.45 for the Nottingham branch of Royal Yachting Association charity Sailability, which helps disabled sailors.

A radical student protest was held on Saturday January 14th when Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the main campus for a Labour party policy forum.

Could The Crimea be the Welsh Flaming Lips? They certainly have the lyrical quirks and sweeping arrangements down to a T on this sparkling little ditty. One of John Peel’s favourite recent tracks, it’s been floating around for a while and has finally been getting the attention it deserves. A track that will have you swaying as soon as it kicks in, it is a delight during these dark, winter nights. Mmmm.

Vital, colourful and engaging from the start, Tavaziva Dance seamlessly cut traditional African styles with an urban-ballet fusion.

A report carried out by on The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) concludes that medical school funding is “the most opaque� aspect of higher education finance. Research funding aside HEPI claims that nearly £200m is unaccounted for. What’s more, the Institute reports that the current system has enabled some universities to secure much greater funding from regional NHS bodies than others. For instance, according to their findings, University College London spends nearly two-and-a-half times more than Nottingham University per student.

Nottingham University came under strong criticism last month after playing host to controversial speaker Lt. General Arif Hassan, a former military secretary of the Pakistani army, for its annual Sir Stanley Tomlinson Memorial Lecture. The General came to speak about the Pakistani government’s perspective on terrorism. The visit was criticised by groups such as the University Peace Society because of the Pakistani government’s human rights abuses and its support for America’s so-called ‘War on Terror’.