For the finale of Wellness Week, the University of Nottingham’s LawSoc will host a Puppy Room in collaboration with Guide

The University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union (UoNSU) has today (20th March) passed a motion to provide at least one gender

The 8th of March passed as quickly as it came. Whilst the University of Nottingham hosted an array of events

Alan Holey has been elected as your new SU President for 2017-18. Alan was declared the President of the Students’ Union

No candidates ran for Environmental and Social Justice Officer this year. The current Environmental and Social Justice Officer is Emory

The voting period for this year’s Students’ Union elections has closed, with voter turnout dropping by 9%. After a final push in

It is the final day of voting for the Students’ Union elections and the candidates and their campaigners are out

Adam Pratchett has been announced as the new Sports Officer. Adam secured the position after one round of voting, due

Martin Nguyen has been announced as the new Activities Officer.  The total number of people that voted for this position

Ruby Harrison has been announced as the new Women’s Officer.  This position was uncontested, meaning Ruby secured the position after