Halfway through the list already, City of God stands comfortably as one of the 21st Century’s 10 Greatest Films…. In

Series one of Broadchurch may well be a close-to-perfect, self-contained series of television, created in Britain. It has every ingredient

American Gods, the cornerstone of modern Americana fantasy, has been reincarnated by Bryan Fuller (of Hannibal fame) and Michael Green

Stratford-raised rapper J Hus has just kicked off his tour and showed fans why his album Common Sense is going

This production of Irvine Welsh’s infamous novel immediately immerses the audience in its vibrancy and intensity. As soon as the

I suppose the only thing I had to go on was that Tony Harrison wrote a poem called ‘Them and

The fifth collaboration between Lakeside Arts and the New Theatre presents an exciting and engaging take on Olivier Award-winning playwright

Here is the 4th installment in Sean’s rundown of the 21st Century’s Greatest Films. This time around, 25th Hour. As

In the year 1938, Austria faced annexation into a torturous Nazi Germany, all for the sake of forming the “greater

Howl’s Moving Castle is a charming and nostalgic novel that I feel is highly underrated and has been forgotten in