If anyone out there still hasn’t seen Wonder Woman, I have some words of advice: go watch it. Coming from

The 21st June saw the second day of Nottingham’s Student Fringe Festival, with the standard just as high as the

On the 20th and 21st of June the Nottingham New Theatre put on the Student Fringe Festival (StuFF), and though

‘All that I want is to wake up fine.’ Paramore’s realistic yet simple opening line sets up the new incoming sound from their

Coronet Production’s performance of The Pillowman sinisterly explores the moral implications of violence in art and literature whilst injecting the

Three years after commemorating their 40th anniversary, the iconic American band Blondie have released their 11th studio album, Pollinator. While listeners

An intrepid band of adventurers have set out on a dangerous quest. Threats lurk around every corner, from grumpy barmen,

Inspired by ‘Les-tah’s surprising Premier League title victory in 2016 as well as a return to the band’s typical dulcet

You know the songs, but do you know the story? Rumours, an original play written by student Emma Summerton, explores

We are nearing the finish line, with Children of Men as the next film to stand as one of the