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The latest gritty offering from the BBC and FX has been a great success, and a star-studded cast has ensured

Warning: minor spoilers ahead. Logan is a brutal film. Brutal in tone, brutal in the uncompromising nature of the violence

Barry Jenkins’ first directorial breakthrough film Moonlight is a beautiful, poetic-like film which tells the story of a young African-American man,

In the world of entertainment, you sometimes have good films, bad films and sometimes even ugly films. However, occasionally you

Drew Barrymore adds herself to the list of A list movie stars making the jump to the small screen with

There’s nothing quite like taking an ambitious gamble with a Netflix TV series in the middle of the week. With

The highly-anticipated teen drama ‘Riverdale’ successfully delivers a dark Twin Peak-esque twist on the wholesome Archie comic book series; and

There will never exist a perfect film, though there will always be great films. The definition of both words perfect

Sherlock is more an event than a television series, having enjoyed consistently high ratings since its first release in 2010

After the success of last year’s adaptation of And Then There Were None, this time the BBC has taken on